The mission of the Church is to win souls for Christ, converting sinners into saints, through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel message. It is our charge to establish ministries that will meet the spiritual needs of our congregation, equipping them for a lifestyle of worship and service to our Lord, according to purpose which He has predestined for us in His Will.


For over 80 years with the aid of the Holy Spirit, and through the work of nine pastors, this Church has continued to live out the true meaning of the Great Commission. Although we have endured many hardships and tribulations, the Lord has proven Himself to be more than able to carry us through. It is our goal to meet the needs of the entire body of Christ, no matter what the age or stage of life. We are the Church, the Keeper of the Souls.

Realizing who we are in Christ, we acknowledge our call to be mobile and motivated to carry out good works in His name. Our ancestors did great things; so we are beneficiaries today, and benefactors for the future. The Chapel continues promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and following the way of the Lord Jesus.