JCBC College Scholarship

Scholarship Intro to Application

Due to the skyrocketing cost of college, Jacob Chapel recognizes the need to assist deserving college students who are struggling to remain in school. With assistance from interested donors, we are expanding beyond our church walls to avail scholarships to current students earn their college degree.

Qualifications for General & Specific Scholarships

In order for applicant to apply and be considered for scholarship, they:

  • Mustbe a current student, enrolled at: FAMU, FSU or TCC
  • Musthave a GPA of 8 or higher
  • Musthave completed at least one semester
  • Mustsubmit completed application by July 15th
  • Mustsubmit unofficial transcript by July 15th
  • Mustsubmit uploaded video by July 15th

*If selected, applicant will be notified via email of award by July 28th

Scholarship Categories

  • General
  • Specific:
    • EarlyChildhood Education
    • Media– Video
    • Media– Photography
    • TeacherEducation
    • SocialSciences/Business
    • Nursing
    • History

*Please make dropdowns for applicants to select (e.g. General, Specific)

*If selected, must be present at Jacob Chapel Baptist Church on Sunday, August 13th for the 10am service to receive award

Scholarship Application

  • Containsall required information
  • Pleasemake app fillabl

Other Info Discussed During Zoom Meeting on 4/21/23

  • AnticipatedWebsite Launch Date: June 4, 2023
  • ApplicationDeadline: June 30th
  • Dedicatedemail address:
  • Uponsubmission of application, applicant will receive a confirmation
  • Formwill be mobile-app able (web version)
  • Conditionalquestion will be added to Specific scholarship application
  • TCOto create Logo wall – JCBC will submit logos
  • TCOto create a flyer advertising Scholarsh

Flyer Info

  • JacobChapel has College Scholarships available for currently enrolled students attending FAMU, FSU and TCC
  • Areasof Study
  • Deadlineto Apply: July 15, 202

Video Submission

  • Guidelineshave been set
  • Linkwill be sent to the dedicated email
  • Willmigrate to a new space
  • CurrentlyJCBC has 75-80 gigs available – should be plenty
  • A bucket can be created if need be


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