Video Submission

Video Entries must:
❖ Be original
❖ Be in English
❖ Be 2-3 minutes, not to exceed 3 minutes in length
❖ Be recorded by video camera or smart phone
❖ Include only the scholarship applicant
❖ Comply with all relevant copyright and intellectual property laws

Talking Points:
❖ Introduce and tell us about you
❖ Focus on why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship
❖ How will your future goals/plans impact community change
❖ If applying for a Field-Specific Scholarship, talk with specificity about that particular field of study.

Video Rubric:
Scoring will be based on the following:
❖ Introduction of relevant information
❖ Message Content
❖ Production of your information

Video entry must be sent as an attachment via email with your
application to The deadline to
submit is July 21, 2023.


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