God’s Holy Spirit, I submit, is one of the more misunderstood elements of our faith and practice. Many believe the Holy Spirit to be a force which causes us to act emotionally (shouting, dancing, etc.). In truth, the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit, the third Person in the Holy Trinity. He is a presence in the life of every believer. But tragically, He is limited to the emotional corners of our Christian life. A proper understanding of the Holy Spirit will bring about a dramatic shift in our lives. When we understand what it truly means to be Spirit-led, we will begin to experience the fullness of God’s purpose and plan for us.

The Bible commands us to be “led by the Spirit”. This means to allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily decisions and our interactions with others. He does not want to be a co-pilot, as the popular slogan asserts. Rather, God is the pilot, the engine, and the fuel that makes our life run properly. What does it look like to be led by God’s Holy Spirit? How do we hear from Him, and how can we discern His voice from others or even our own whims? Consider this list as a guide for a Spirit-led lifestyle.

  1. Pray daily and many times daily for His will to be done.
  2. Familiarize yourself with what the Bible says about various life subjects.
  3. Follow the principles of Scripture relative to life’s issues.
  4. Commit to consistent worship at your local church.
  5. Look and listen for guidance as the Word for God is being taught to you in worship and Bible study.
  6. Let God’s principles be your first line of defense instead of a fallback measure.
  7. Surround yourself with other believers who can provide wise, Godly counsel.


This list will not guarantee a problem-free existence. However, when we intentionally seek to be led by the Holy Spirit, He honors our faith and trust in Him. As my father often says, we can only see “to the corner”, but God can see around the corner and beyond. For that reason, it behooves us to seek His will and allow our steps to be ordered daily. Selah!